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Be the Change You Want…

to see in the world…. (words of encouragement and appreciation)

“I recently had a friend send me an email about Zig Ziglar. Although I remember listening to one of his audio programs years ago, I haven’t again in at least 20 years. So, after receiving the email, I went to YouTube and watched a 9-minute video clip of his. In it, he tells the story of a person he met to offer advice before one of his speeches.

As he describes, Zig agreed to meet with this person, but only had 10 minutes to spare. The individual shared her problem quickly: She worked at a terrible company and didn’t know what to do. Zig recommended that she write down all the things that she liked about working for the company and she said she couldn’t think of anything. So he asked, ‘’Do they pay you to work at the company?” She replied “Yes.” He asked ”Do you like the money?” and again, she said “Yes, that is one good thing about the job.”

With Zig’s encouragement, the lady went on to list 20 things she liked about the job. When she was done, Zig instructed her to take each of the 20 things she had written about her current job that she liked, to look deeply into her own eyes in a mirror and say “I Love My Job Because….” before each statement. He encouraged her to do this a few times in the evening before she went to work the next day and to continue this process throughout the week. At the end of the week, he said to call him and let him know how things were going at work.

So she did her homework and after a week she said “This incredible thing happened at work!” Everyone was so amazing and the company changed so much that she now loved going to her job.

Now, many of you who are reading this know exactly what happened to this woman. By changing her own beliefs about her job, she changed herself and her own attitude—and that was the true difference in the story, but it is a wonderful reminder to us all.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

By changing your own thinking and beliefs, you can literally change those around you. If you are having troubles in your own life, first try changing your own thoughts and beliefs on the matter and see if that helps solve the problem before you expect change from anyone else around you.”

Reid Tracy
CEO, Hay House


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Learn to Make Your Own Blessed Holy Water on the Full Moon

Learn to Make Your Own Blessed Holy Water on the Full Moon with Debee Boulanger.

Use the power of your intention to bring spirit into your craft. This is a hands-on workshop. You will learn how to make an extract as well as the Holy Water. Most supplies, instructions and handouts will be included. You will be able to make one 4 oz. bottle on site and take another kit home to make a second one on your own. Kit includes 4 oz. bottle, label, pipette, small funnel, crystal & white sage. (Other supplies will be available for purchase if needed at a later date.)

NOTE: You will need to bring a quart size mason jar full of spring water (preferably from either rain or freshly fallen snow close to your home or a favorite pure sacred water source).  

Date: Full Moon – Friday, March 2nd * @ 7 – 9 PM must pre-register ~ Cost $77 or Pre-payment** by 2/25/18 only $69

*Note: Snow date will be on the Full Moon – Saturday, March 31st from 4-6 PM.  (**no refunds for pre-payment only credit)

Most clients know Debee Boulanger as being one of the many talented massage therapists here at the Abundant Wellness Center.  However, seeking the deep connection with nature she once had as a child, Debee started a journey of becoming a ‘steward of the earth’ in 2010. And with the completion of a three year training with the Green Mountain Druid Order in Vermont, Debee became a Druid in 2013.  The experience was profound and enlightening, which brought a new depth to her life practice. Debee is an avid gardener and believes we all have the ability to self-sustain however we need to have the desire to do so. Her goal is to inspire others to do the same. Debee believes that this is how our ancestors lived in harmony of with land and we need to return to that way of living to survive… out of the head and into the heart of the land.  She sends blessings by spreading the seeds of community, healing, joy, peace, love & compassion to all.  Blessed Be ~ Debee

Monthly Reiki Energy Share

REIKI/ Energy Share* with Susan Lecuyer. Calling all Reiki and Shamanic Energy Healers to share their gifts with each other.

Monthly Dates in 2018 ~ usually on the last Tuesdays* ~ 1/30, 2/27, 3/27, 4/24, 5/29, 6/26, 7/31, 8/28, 9/25, 10/30, 11/27 & 12/18 from 6-8 PM.   @ 6 – 8 PM. Free will donations $7- $12. *Pre-requisite – must have Reiki or energy work training to participate.

Susan Lecuyer, RMT  is a Reiki Master/Teacher  with the help of the “group” of Reiki spirit guides, healers, masters and universal energy will assist you on a peaceful journey of healing, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Reiki I Training with Shamanic Influence

NEW~ Reiki I Training w/ Shamanic Influence with Susan Lecuyer.

Learn how to work with Universal Energy using Reiki and Shamanic Healing practices.

~ Cost $250 per Level includes Materials evening classes

~ Reiki I Dates: start dates in 2018; 1/23, 2/6, 2/20, 3/6, & 3/20 ~ Tuesdays @ 6 – 8 PM

Susan Lecuyer, RMT  is a Reiki Master/Teacher  with the help of the “group” of Reiki spirit guides, healers, masters and universal energy will assist you on a peaceful journey of healing, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Transformational Breath

Transformational Breath with Leigh Russell.

Join Leigh for Transformational Breath®, a pattern of conscious breathing that is natural, safe & healthy, which can have many benefits including increased energy, better immune response and ability to deal with stress.

Offered the last Saturday of the month ~ Saturdays 1/27/18 @ 4 – 6 PM ~ Cost $40.

Space is extremely limited… Pre-registration is recommended!

“This Breath Workshop with Leigh is indescribably exhilarating!” ~ Debee Boulanger

Monthly Detoxifying Sessions – not a substance abuse program

MONTHLY – DETOXIFYING Sessions with Ionizing Foot Bath, Ear Coning & Far Infrared Sauna with Rachel Ginther. Every day we are exposed to about 50,000 chemicals from the environment resulting in hazardous heavy metals that get stored in our body. Try an inexpensive, simple, painless, soothing method that can aid in the detoxification process. NEW 2018 Dates* 1/10; 2/7; 3/14; 4/11; 5/9; 6/13; 7/11; 8/15; 9/19; 10/17; 11/14; 12/12 Thurs. 1/11; 2/8; 3/15; 4/12; 5/10; 6/14; 7/12; 8/16; 9/20; 10/18; 11/15; 12/13 (*dates are subject to change – please check our calendar) Cost~ 30-min. Foot Bath $40; 20-min. Sauna $10; 60-min. Ear Coning w/ mini lymph session $75; Galvanic $30; Kansa (intro rate) $40 ~ by appt. only!

Lymphatic Drainage Sessions with Rachel Ginther. This gentle technique can prevent or reduce fluid retention, enhance the removal of toxins from the body tissues, and promoting wellness by supporting the immune system. Private appt. availability w/ Rachel Ginther & Lisa Seder. Cost $75.