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Natural Living Expo Lineup November 10 and 11

Practitioners’ Bios: lineup for the Natural Living Expo at the Royal Plaza Marlborough, MA on Sat. November 10th (9-6) & Sun. November 11th (10-5) Besides the sessions we will be offering a wide array of products available including CBD at the AWC’s booth #320 & 322 

Susan Lecuyer is a Shamanic Practitioner in the Peruvian Lineage whose healing roots go back thru lifetimes. Shamans are healers who work in multi-levels of the luminous spheres. A Shaman is a “see-er” who locates stagnated energy & disturbances in the body which contribute to stress and poor health. Susan is a Shaman who can remove these imprints thru Chakra Illumination, Extractions, Journeying, Soul Retrieval – using her Mesa during a session. Susan also assists clients to see their life circumstances & patterns in new ways. The healing Susan facilitates will take place on multiple levels (body, mind & spirit – past, present & future). Susan is also a Certified Reiki Master/ Teacher in the Usui Tradition. (Available Saturday & Sunday)

Sharon D’Angelo is a gifted Psychic Medium and welcomes loved ones who are in spirit to come through in her readings to give healing, loving and meaningful messages. She works with her spirit guides, always coming from a place of love and healing. Sharon is also a Certified Tarot and Oracle guide. She uses a variety of Tarot and Oracle cards to provide her clients with guidance, getting to the matter at hand and discussing where any obstacles may be. Sharon uses a coaching style, making her readings very empowering and she is a firm believer in free will and understands that we can always change our path and move in a different direction. (Available Saturday only)

Chris Covert is an experienced Psychic Medium, and Shamanic Healer. He works very closely with his mother, spirit guides, and angels. Most of his information comes through in pictures or in words, but he will often feel sickness/pain in others and is instructed on how to heal them. Chris provides readings through psychometry, picture reading, mediumistic, pendulum, or intuitive tarot/oracle cards. He is clear that this is his life’s purpose, to provide messages of love and healing to those in needs and to provide them with as much guidance and support that he and his Spirit team can give. (Available Sunday only)

Kimberly Pearson is a talented Psychic Medium who welcomes loved ones who are in the spirit world to come through in her readings to give her clients heart-warming messages. She works with her spirit guides, always coming from a place of love, light and healing. Kim has extensively studied tarot with Gary McKinstry, as well as mediumship with Gary McKinstry and Tony Stockwell. Kim’s passion is to help others heal on the deepest level of the mind, body and soul. She uses her gift of mediumship in all of her work. (Intermittent readings Sat. & Sun.)


AWC Annual One Stop Shop Holiday Extravaganza

AWC Annual One Stop Shop Holiday Extravaganza & Christmas Bazaar 

Saturday December 1st & Sunday December 2nd ~ stop by anytime between 10m – 5pm ~ no appointment needed*
On 12/1 & 12/2 – Everything Retail is on sale – 20% to 85% off ~ Jewelry, Crystals, Selenite and Salt Lamps, Sage, etc…
Gift Certificate Specials ~ 1 hour massage or reiki only $55 ~ ½ hour reading with Sharon, Kim or Chris only $50 purchased either day.       
*Must be present to purchase Gift Certificate Specials on 12/1 & 12/2 – no phone orders!

We will have a sale throughout the rest of the month of December (3rd – 31st) 10% off our retail
>Purchase 1 to 3 Gift Certificates for 1-hour massage or reiki only $60 each (reg. $65)
>Purchase 4 or more Gift Certificates for 1-hour massage or reiki only $55 each (reg. $65)
>Purchase Gift Certificates for ½-hour reading (with Sharon, Kim or Chris) only $50 (reg. $60)

Empowering Your Empathic Path

Empowering Your Empathic Path with Kim Pearson.

>Do you ever experience unexpected and overwhelming feelings like anxiety, headaches, nausea that just seem to appear from nowhere when you’re with someone else?
>Do you dislike crowds because the energy is too intense?
>Maybe you’ve been told you’re just too sensitive.

Come join Kim and explore your natural psychic abilities and intuitive gifts in a safe and supportive environment. Share your talents with a community of like-minded people.

Typically the 1st Friday of the month 11/2 & 12/7 @ 7– 9PM ~ Cost $20.

Reiki Training and Reiki Energy Share

Reiki Training with Shamanic Influence

  • Reiki I Training w/ Shamanic Influence with Susan Lecuyer. Learn how to work with Universal Energy using Reiki and Shamanic Healing practices. ~ Cost $250 per Level includes Materials evening classes ~ Reiki I Dates: 10/2, 10/16, 10/30, 11/20 & 12/4 ~ Tuesdays @ 6 – 8 PM
  • Reiki II Training w/ Shamanic Influence with Susan Lecuyer. Learn how to work with Universal Energy using Reiki and Shamanic Healing practices. ~ Cost $250 per Level includes Materials evening classes ~ Reiki II Dates: 10/10, 10/24, 11/7, 11/28 & 12/12 ~ Wednesdays @ 6 – 8 PM
  • Reiki III Training w/ Shamanic Influence with Susan Lecuyer. Learn how to work with Universal Energy using Reiki and Shamanic Healing practices. ~ Cost $250 per Level includes Materials evening classes ~ Reiki III Dates: 10/4, 10/28, 11/8, 11/29 ~ Thursdays & 12/14 Friday @ 6 – 8 PM
  • REIKI/ Energy Share* with Susan Lecuyer. Calling all Reiki and Shamanic Energy Healers together to share their gifts. Monthly ~ Tuesdays 10/23, 11/27, 12/18 @ 6 – 8 PM. Free will donations $7- $12. *Pre-requisite – must have Reiki or energy work training to participate.

Shamanic Healing Session

Shamanic Healing Session by appt. only! Almost all indigenous cultures had used direct hands on method of healing; using Shamanic Training and Shamanic experience – this session offers a unique form of healing for each individual. During a Shamanic Session, one can encounter sound healing with drumming, rattling, chanting, as well as stones, crystal, feathers, sacred waters, essences and energy shifts. Your practitioner will journey with you, holding you in sacred space at all times and lovingly guiding you throughout the session to help in your healing process.  All Shamanic Healing Sessions are unique to the person and what their needs are at that time.

Shamanic Session by appointment only. Cost ~ 1-hour $100; 1½-hour $150; 2-hours $200.

Shamanic Practitioners are:

  • Susan Lecuyer
  • Lisa Seder
  • Chris Covert
  • Debee Boulanger

Detoxification Sessions

MONTHLY – DETOXification* Sessions with Ear Coning, Ionizing Foot Bath and Far Infrared Sauna with Rachel Ginther.

(*not a clinic for drug and alcohol rehab)

Every day we are exposed to about 50,000 chemicals from the environment resulting in hazardous heavy metals that get stored in our body. Try an inexpensive, simple, painless, soothing method that can aid in the detoxification process.

2018 Dates: Wednesdays – 11/14; 12/12 & Thursdays – 11/15; 12/13

Cost~ 30-min. Foot Bath $40; 20-min. Sauna $10; 60-min. Ear Coning w/ mini lymph session $75; Galvanic $30; Kansa (intro rate) $40 ~ by appt. only!

Lymphatic Drainage Sessions with Rachel Ginther or Lisa Seder by appointment only! This gentle technique can prevent or reduce fluid retention, enhance the removal of toxins from the body tissues, and promoting wellness by supporting the immune system. Private appointment availability w/ Rachel Ginther & Lisa Seder.  Cost $75.

Intuitive Psychic Medium Angel Oracle Tarot Readings

  • Intuitive Tarot Readings with Sharon D’Angelo by appt. only! Sharon is available for Tarot & Medium Readings. Rate: ½-hour $60 or 1-hour $90 by appt. only!
  • Readings with Kim Pearson. Kim is available for oracle, tarot or mediumship readings by appt. only! Rate: ½-hour $50 or 1-hour $80
  • Readings with Kathleen Farris. Kathleen is available for psychic mediumship, tarot & angel readings by appt. only! Rate: 1-hour reading $100.
  • Psychic Medium & Angel Oracle Reader with Christian Covert. Chris is available for Angel Oracle/ Medium readings by appt. only! Rate: ½-hour Reading $60 ~ 1-hour Reading or Shamanic session $100.
  • ‘Mediums at Large’ Medium Readings with Kathi Munson, Kim Watts or Gina Barry.  Private medium sessions are NOW available at the Abundant Wellness Center with any one of the three ‘Mediums at Large’. Rate: 1-hour Medium Reading ONLY ~ Cost $125by appointment only!