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10 years with AWC by Theresa Grisanti

Theresa Grisanti is one the latest additions to the quality practitioners at the Abundant Wellness Center.  She has worked for 20 years with the belief that your body will create health when it is in balance.  Using a Holistic Mind-Body-Spirit approach she practices Energy Medicine, the oldest, safest, most organic and accessible medicine there is.  It offers potent techniques that balance the energy systems in your body where all dis-ease originates.   “I love to be able to help others create more health and vitality in their life” says Theresa Grisanti.  find out more www.abundantwellness.net

10 years with AWC by Rachel Ginther

“Abundant Wellness is committed in supporting you, our clients, our friends, our family, to experience and maintain good Health and Wellness naturally, it’s really what you so much deserve”; states Rachel Ginther.

Why would someone want or need to detox?  We are exposed to an estimated 50,000 toxins every day!  And that’s just on a physical level.  There are toxins in our air, water, food, our cleaning and body care products and we have many other environmental exposures that very little is known about.  What about the toxins that tax our mind and our emotions, what about toxins that stress us at an energetic level — what about stress of all kinds, unhealthy relationships, negative people and situations?  All of these pieces factor into how well our body can deal with the toxins it encounters.  The happier and healthier we are, the more efficiently our body functions, on all levels.

All the sessions at AWC, massage, acupuncture, yoga, Qigong etc will help you release toxins and feel better.  There are some very specific detoxing sessions that focus on removing toxins, including heavy metals, through your body very gently.  Far Infrared Sauna or Dry Sauna, Ionizing Foot Bath, and Ear Coning these sessions can assist with pain relief, Lyme Disease, weight loss, fibromyalgia, allergies, sinus issues, infections, tinnitus and vertigo. In fact, many people just appreciate a much needed time to relax.

For the past 10 years we are honored to have been able to offer multiple opportunities for detoxing at Abundant Wellness.  find out more www.abundantwellness.net

10 years with AWC by Kathi Munson

The Abundant Wellness Center and meeting the founder, Debee Boulanger, has changed my life. Debee had a way of “seeing and knowing” me before I knew who I was and what I was here to do. Debee and the amazing practitioners who come to the center have been the most loving and supportive group of people I have met and known to date. Debee has created a safe “ sacred” place for us to be who WE need to be and Carol Clark the office manager knows just how to help, she keeps all of us focused and helps AWC to run smoothly. I have been blessed to work out of the center since 2008; however I was a client from the time the Center opened in 2004. The classes and workshops that I attended at the Center helped me to gain clarity and re-connect with my Psychic and healing gifts. I cannot Thank Debee enough for making her vision a reality, and for the wonderful practitioners of The Abundant Wellness Center for supporting and encouraging me to do what I do and for being the best work family a girl could ask for. I am so incredibly blessed to be a part of such an amazing center and as equally grateful to have met so many wonderful people whom I’ve come to know as clients. No matter where I go in my life The Abundant Wellness Center will ALWAYS be home to me.  Truly Blessed ~ Kathi Munson, Psychic/Medium  find out more www.abundantwellness.net

10 years with AWC by Douglas Wilk

Douglas Wilk brings to the Abundant Wellness Center 94 different Healing Techniques that he has learned over the past 25 yrs. He has studied with amazing healers from all around the world. Even when traditional medicine has not worked, clients have had amazing results with some never seen before techniques. Many techniques work quickly, ALL are safe and some can be self-administered. Meet Douglas on June 1st and have a mini session and discover the benefits of Doug’s work.  find out more www.abundantwellness.net

10 years with AWC by Carol Clark

They say you learn something new every day, so in my 10 years here at Abundant Wellness I have learned a lot, both as an associate and a client. I have learned to appreciate the complexities of the human body with all of the intricate and delicate details and yet at the same time having the immense strength and ability to adapt. I have learned “wellness” is multi-layered and requires a total body approach, “Mind, Body & Spirit” for which AWC provides. I am probably most intrigued by energy work. If our “energy centers” or “chakras” are off, blocked or imbalanced it is going to affect us physically and emotionally. During my years here at AWC I have learned Reiki with Kathi Munson, have been amazed by Leigh Russell with his very unique style of Reflexology and have found the value of Acupuncture with Terry Tangredi. Rachel Ginther is also someone who never ceases to amaze me, my admiration for her focus in educating folks about detoxing therapies is beyond words. She is a wealth of information. I would encourage everyone to meet Rachel, detoxing is literally the first step in healing. Most of all I love to meet and talk to so many great people daily “our clients” whom I’ve also learned so many things. It is so wonderful to hear someone come through the door and say there is such great energy here. I am blessed to have been able to come through the doors for the past 10 years and am looking forward to the next 10+ years. So Thank you to all the talented, gifted, highly skilled practitioners of AWC, but above all Thanks to our clients who have included us in their wellness plan of life and a special Thanks to all who have encouraged and supported me in my passions and creativity of making jewelry.  Blessings ~ Carol Clark   find out more www.abundantwellness.net

AWC Benefits by Debee

AWC Benefits:

There are no gimmicks and no monthly commitments like withdrawing monies from your account here at the Abundant Wellness Center.  However we do have rewarding massage pre-book and referral incentives – at no extra cost to you just come in and save the day of your appointment!  We also love to honor your birthday during your birthday month but you need to let us know when it is… we usually have a coupon located at the bottom of our newsletter that’ll remind you of your massage birthday gift.  Plus some of the associates here like to offer ‘specials’ at various times of the year.  A few years ago we even started an affordable acupuncture clinic which has been a life saver for some folks who needed to come for treatments more frequently.  In behalf of all the associates of the Abundant Wellness Center, we express our appreciation for the opportunity to help the community – one client at a time. find out more www.abundantwellness.net

AWC Progress by Debee

AWC Progress:

What’s under the tarps? … is the big question of this past year!  Well funny you should ask – in 2010, Debee created the AWC Community Garden where she started growing organic fruits & vegetables to help feed our neighbors in need at Lorraine’s Soup Kitchen. Debee is in the process of expanding the garden and creating a perma-culture edible garden on the south side of the building with a variety of dwarf sized trees, shrubs, bushes and plants.  With the way things are going on our planet – Debee believes its best to get back to basics and start growing some of our own food.  It’s been a fun challenge for her from dealing with a few bad bugs and hungry groundHOGS that intrude on the garden’s bounty to the conditions of extreme weather changes that prevent her from digging in the dirt.  find out more www.abundantwellness.net