AWC Benefits by Debee

by debee007

AWC Benefits:

There are no gimmicks and no monthly commitments like withdrawing monies from your account here at the Abundant Wellness Center.  However we do have rewarding massage pre-book and referral incentives – at no extra cost to you just come in and save the day of your appointment!  We also love to honor your birthday during your birthday month but you need to let us know when it is… we usually have a coupon located at the bottom of our newsletter that’ll remind you of your massage birthday gift.  Plus some of the associates here like to offer ‘specials’ at various times of the year.  A few years ago we even started an affordable acupuncture clinic which has been a life saver for some folks who needed to come for treatments more frequently.  In behalf of all the associates of the Abundant Wellness Center, we express our appreciation for the opportunity to help the community – one client at a time. find out more