Journeying to Your Intuitive Self

by debee007

with Psychic Medium Kathi Munson.

Teens – Journeying to Your Intuitive Self and Teens … Does your teenager have the ability to, feel, sense, and “know” things?  This class is for Teens 12-18 who would like to learn more about the many aspects of being psychic. Parents are welcome at any time.

Sundays – before “Journeying to Your Intuitive Self” class @ 3:30– 5 PM ~ Cost $10.

Next dates:TBA 

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Adults – Journeying to Your Intuitive Self and connecting to your intuition with Kathi Munson.  Are you Psychic? Connect to your intuition and learn tips on how to tap into your inner voice and open up your 3rd eye with meditation and different psychic exercises.  These classes are on-going*

Next dates: TBA 

 from 6 – 8 PM 

Cost $15

*Sign up & join this study group at any time!

Kathi Munson, a gifted psychic medium, and animal communicator. Kathi reads both tarot cards and angel cards. With every reading, she works with her angels and spirit guides to help provide clarity of clouded thoughts and troubled emotions, by offering a reflection of your past, present and possible future. Her readings will give you a fresh perspective on your life. Kathi can also connect with the spirits of your past loved ones, human or animal. Kathi works at the Abundant Wellness Center with availability for private, group, or phone readings by appointment.