Ergonomics ~ Good ‘Desk Posture’

by debee007

Ergonomics ~ By making a few simple changes in the way you work can make your life between sessions a whole lot more comfortable.

While sitting, put a book under your feet so that your knees are at the same level as your hips. When your knees are too low, it strains your lower back – which can lead to backaches and shortening of muscles.

Adjust the height of your computer monitor so that it’s at eye level. If the screen is too high or too low, you’re at risk for neck pain, spasms and headaches.

When you need to take a closer look at the monitor, move your whole body forward, not just your head. Otherwise, you could develop an unsightly hump on your back.

Avoid scrunching the phone receiver between your shoulder and your ear. If necessary, get a headset.

Move around. There’s nothing worse than sitting for hours in the same position, causing muscles to get tight and shorten, which will create pain and limit range of motion. Every few hours, get up and do a series of simple computer and desk stretches to loosen your muscles. For example, grasp the underside of your seat with both hands to stabilize your shoulders. Then tilt your head to each side, and touch your chin to your chest to stretch the back of your neck.

Let the staff at the Abundant Wellness Center show you more ways to improve your desk posture.