Learn how to do E.F.T. effectively

by debee007

with Douglas Wilk.

E.F.T.  is a powerful self help method that often heals physical ailments and emotions such as fear, anxiety, depression, etc. quickly. Clinical trials have shown that it reduces the emotional impact of memories and incidents that trigger emotional distress. Behind every pain in the body is an emotional component. This technique is difficult to learn on your own. After learning the correct way to do E.F.T. you will leave this workshop and be able to have success immediately.


“My back pain disappeared in a few minutes after doing E.F.T.” ~ D.S.

“After doing E.F.T. I was able to eliminate my fear of heights and help do roofing on a 3 story building.” ~ D.W.

Sunday, June 7th  from 1-3PM ~ Cost $25 ~  Pre-registration required for this workshop.