Yoga Therapy and Stress Management

by debee007

with Yoga Therapist Lee Gallagher.

Join Lee for this 7 Week Series Starting Sat. 10/10 – 11/21/2015 from 10:00- 11:30AM 

Cost ~ $210.00- 7 sessions if paid in full or $245.00 – 7 sessions if paid weekly

*Please Note that Week 6 will be held on Sunday 11/15  

Do you feel constantly stressed and lacking energy? Come experience yoga therapy and learn how to combat stress so that it no longer controls you. High levels of chronic stress can manifest in the body and create chronic health conditions.

Yoga therapy uses the ancient science of yoga to enhance the health and wellness at all levels of the individual including physical, emotional and spiritual. You are not a passive recipient but an active participant in the healing process. Rather than offering a diagnosis and treatment for a specific condition, a yoga therapist creates a program for optimal health based on the specific needs of the group with which he or she is working.

In this 7 week stress management program you will learn how to use the physical postures (asanas), breathwork (pranayama) and relaxation techniques (meditation) to restore balance in the body at all levels. You will learn how to use these tools at home for daily a practice. A Yoga therapy group class is different than a regular yoga class. Time spent on postures is usually less than in a general yoga class, while considerably more time is spent on body awareness, breathing and sharing. An intake session will be done prior to your first group session. This allows the yoga therapist to develop a therapeutic program after determining the overall ability, energy and needs of the group as a whole.

Yoga experience is not necessary. Come with a beginner’s mind to learn, refresh and relax.