Heightening Your Inner Senses – Welcome to the 5th Dimension

by debee007

with Terra Christa.

The 5th Dimension is the Here and Now.  It is those moments of serendipity, synchronicity and miracles.  Everyone lives in the 5th Dimension; Some more than others.

Come experience the way of the AlcheMystica, as A Golden Means to heighten your inner senses and live more freely in the 5th Dimension.  Join your masculine Alchemist to your feminine Mystic and raise your lead bound energy to GOLD.

I will also introduce you to GenISIS2 (the Gene of Isis power of 2) a multidimensional energy re-balance to the EGO ~ Electro Genetic Organism; your original genetic record, so you can fully experience the life you know you came to live.

Saturday, Dec. 5th  from 10am – 12pm  Cost ~ $33

Note: Terra will be available for private sessions following her workshop on Saturday, 12/5.