Using Feng Shui to Create Your Serene Home

by debee007

with Susan Laforte has been postponed.

Feng Shui literally means WIND and WATER.  A space that has been “feng-shui-ed” feels welcoming and good to be in.  Spring is a perfect time to tap into this timeless wisdom to refresh and enliven your space!  In this very practical workshop you will learn about:

*The Feng Shui “HOT SPOTS”

*How to find your most “COMMANDING POSITION”

*A dozen ways of enhancing the Chi in a space

*Some new insights on dealing with the perpetual problem of CLUTTER!

Join us at AWC ~ Date: TBA

Susan LaForte is the owner of Feng Shui for Home & Business, serving Western Massachusetts and the surrounding area since 2003.  She believes in providing her clients with practical tools they can use to make their spaces work for them!