Radioactivity on the West Coast – Health Concerns

by debee007

Since the Fukushima incident, I knew it wouldn’t be long before it effected the US West Coast including ALL the fish, plant life, animals, as well as humans of the land and sea would be suffering from a huge human error. (The US is guilty too – our country uses nuclear byproducts for energy also.)  WHY?  There is so many other resources for natural energy however someone isn’t going to make a lot of money using them!  Not trying to focus on doom and gloom however it won’t be long before this 2011 disaster effects the whole world – Fukushima has been off the news broadcast but it is still not remedied.  This is a catastrophe that will effect the world for many years to come!

check out this article on the sad case of Cali’s crabs:

Another problem is fracking – it is ruining our natural resources – especially water.  We can NOT live without water… Why is there so much cancer?  It is NOT because parents or even grandparents had cancer necessarily.  These toxins are growing in our environment due to the byproduct of BigBiz industrial waste. Besides – our ancestors knew how important it was to detox and rejuvenate.  They fasted, ate a more natural diet, farmed or gardened, and raised their own food, took special herbal baths, and did more manual labor.  Maybe we (as a society) are living longer but the quality of life just might be different because we seem to be a little more dependent on pharmaceuticals (with a long list of side effects with a trickle down effect leading to more meds) to keep us going. Years ago, herbal remedies were the only thing available for ailments – and they worked!

Yikes – heavy metals in water supplies:

In this day and age, living in the fast pace that society appears to demand on us, we have looked for the easier way to live with all the conveniences like vaccines, fast food, GMOs*, gadgets and electronics.  The EMF* rays are effecting our health but it is NOT visible so we keep on keeping on without a care until… the day comes when someone we love gets sick… consequences are taking there toll on our health. Many of us have not had any time to think about health and lifestyle…

Check out this info on vaccinations and why is autism becoming widespread among children after vaccinations:

Your health is the best investment in life you can make!  I’m just trying to help make maybe at least one person aware of what’s going on before they or their children get sick.  Planting organic seeds of thought with Loving Blessings~ Debee Boulanger

* “genetically modified organisms”

* “electro magnetic frequencies”