Searching for Sacred Rituals

by debee007

Lately I’ve had many people inquire about some kind of spiritual ritual that they can do.  Most of society has lost their roots with their sacred ancestral spiritual connection.  It might not have been practiced for generations.  I find sacred spirituality to be personal however we can pick up a new learned skill by sharing and learning from others.  One might be drawn to several ways to perform ritual. Weither its from their heritage or from a combination of different ceremonial celebrations/ rituals – it will work as long as one follows their heart and it feels good!  Sacred Ritual can NOT be done incorrectly unless one isn’t fully present or feels doubtful. Unwinding, dancing, drumming, chanting, singing, mantras and meditation can help release anything that might prevent a great experience. The power of thought is REAL so make it sincere!

Here is an article that covers quite a bit on Sacred Rituals: