Creating A Story Roadmap

by debee007

The AWC is supporting – Jeff Rock and his colleague, Sally Fox are doing a workshop at Downtown Mindfulness in Amherst on April 9th called “Creating A Story Roadmap”.  Everyone will be exploring the Origin Story to identify the threads of their lives and choose which stories to carry forward.

The ideal person for this event are women in their 40’s to early 50’s who feel they need to make a career change of some sort, but feel lost or stuck…or sinking. Their self-esteem has taken a beating from life and they are carrying oppressive stories. They may have started to believe the cruel things said to them.

Jeff says: “The truly unique thing about this is that we are training people to tell stories and listen to them as well. This enables them to create their own support structure and to be more effective in connecting with other communities.”

There is a cost associated with this to cover expenses, but if someone cannot afford to pay, have them contact me – Jeff Rock.  Here is the link to sign up: