Akashic Records Reading

by debee007

The Akashic Records are a field of energy that holds the individual record of a soul from its point of origin until the end of time.  This field keeps a record of all ones thoughts, emotions, words and actions generated by their experiences.  The Records are a magical resource for people who wish to connect with their soul.  Readings have helped people with the following:  find out what blocks one may have from taking the next step or being more successful; help one with crossroads or difficult decisions; determine how past lives affect one’s present life; how to loosen or changes patterns; let one know what gifts or talents they’ve brought into this life; discover why one may have difficult relationships; discover why one is here and what their path is; or simply for healing messages from loved ones.  The type of reading one receives is specific for their needs at that time…no two readings are the same!  Healings given in the Records after a reading are an amazingly easy way for one to clear, transmute or integrate new changes into their life.  All readings come from a genuine place of love and compassion to help one for their best and highest good.

Melissa Dorman is an experienced healer and reader of the Akashic Records, which is a complete record of each soul’s journey.  These readings provide a loving and compassionate insight to explore one’s self-growth by helping to clear blockages, give direction and loving advice to get to the next step on their path, to connect with the knowledge and wisdom for their highest good or provide a healing within the record energy of their soul.

The following is a list of services being offered Melissa by appointment only:

30 Minute Reading                                                       $50.00

60 Minute Reading                                                       $100.00

45 Minute Reading / 15 Minute Healing                  $100.00

60 Minute Reading / 30 Minute Healing                $150.00

120 Minute Reading                                                     $200.00


“Accessing my Akashic Records with Melissa was an amazing journey.  I highly recommend spending some time with her.  I will definitely be returning for further information from them.”   –Susan L.

“I asked Melissa a question about my spiritual practice because I knew my meditation needed to be customized.  During my Akashic Records Reading, Melissa tapped into a perfectly organic way that I can connect to the Divine during meditation.  It feels soul right!” ~ Debee B.