Natural Order of Life and The State We’re In Described by a Druid

by debee007

Natural Order of Life and The State We’re In – Described by a Druid.

Who am I to think my opinions count?  And why not!  I am NOT an environmental engineer, psychologist, biologist, physicist or anything of that sort.  I AM a Druid graduate of the GMDO.  As a Druid, my place in this world is experienced as a ‘steward of the land’.  One who looks after Nature as the paradise we have been gifted for the short period of time we are here and respects the natural order of the environment by doing what it takes to teach others or at least set a good example in a ‘harm to none’ way of living. Nature provides us EVERYTHING we need to live a full and ideal existence on the planet we call Earth – clean air to breathe, pure water to quench our thirst, fruitful earth to grow our food and fire from the sun to give life to everything.  Earth supplies us with food, medicine, water, air, shelter and clothing as well as music and art in the most natural form.  What more could we ask for to live an outstanding life!!!  Our connection to the Higher Spirit is simple; “As above so below.”

Everything in its natural state has a cycle and synergistically lives in rhythm, harmony and balance in nature.  The beings in nature know their place and vibrate to energy accordingly. They live by instinct. One might think it’s very cruel for a wolf to take down prey.  However without the wolf the deer and elk would become over populated and starve to death as well as demolish the growth of the forest in no time.  The forest helps provide clean air as it emits oxygen for the planet as well as helping to prevent erosion of the lands. Yes, we need trees and they need us to stop cutting them down so rapidly!  If you take a tree down then plant another one in its place. The trees provide shade; food and homes for little creatures that also help create harmony in nature.  Think of the deafening sound of no birds singing… yes, I say deafening because they are the biggest communicators of the forest and the vibrations and frequency of the birds’ songs opens the stomas of the plants. Now that’s AMAZING! The birds’ songs are nature’s symphonies. And without trees many of the birds, as well as other animals would become homeless!

Wondering why someone would think that spraying poisons would get rid of problems without causing more problems?  Causing cancer, nervous system disorders, birth defects, diseases and death are what poisons do.  Spraying a lawn to make it weed-free is totally inaccurate with a deceptive twist of nature because it is short lived.  You have to spray these poisons all season long to get a ‘green’ lawn and do this every year.  And who really cares about a ‘green’ lawn anyway when you might have health risks for yourself, family and the environment – land, water and air. What you do does affect others!  What about certain scientists thinking they can control a seed’s DNA to grow more perfectly and plentiful food? GMO happens to be a ridiculously pretentious idea also with a deceptive twist. I think of this as ‘mad scientists’ trying to control and rule the world one food group at a time and slowly poison society with insecticides. The general population is the ‘lab rats’ in the human experiment. He’s the man behind the curtain who doesn’t want you to know what you’re eating in case you get sick. Yikes!  Well the secrets out and the word is spreading… maybe it can be connected to the multitude of people getting sick with cancers and other strange diseases that medical professionals are scratching their heads at. Have lies been told about its safety? There’s always information falsely reported when it comes to making billions of dollars.  Do not believe but question everything you hear, see or read.

And then there are the coral reefs, which are the lungs of the oceans and some scientists say the planet.  They have been tainted with pollution and have been increasingly dying a slow death. Other lives in our oceans are also affected by our thoughtless behavior. Throwing harmful chemicals or using the oceans for trash disposal is irrational.  There’s no excuse for this lack of common sense. There’s no escape – we are ALL affected and in order to be effective we need to stop and think of how our actions will affect the planet and those who inhabit this planet or we’ll all become infected by disease as the byproduct of our actions or lack of!  And oil does NOT mix with water so we better start looking for a new source of energy.

As humans we are uniquely amazing. No two of us are exactly alike, and if inspired, we have the power to bring a multitude of amazingly beautiful things in this world.  Differences in opinions are our birthright but it is how we construct these opinions that matter most.  Curiosity and debate are good however forceful belligerent belittling control is what causes separation, fear, hate and war. Society needs community and unity to survive – there’s no place for greed when it comes to the most important thing in life – the power of love for humanity!  We have the power to change the conditions of our lives!  And people need to stop being programed so easily (media, news, other’s opinions) and use their intuition and common sense to live a wiser and happier life. Also engage in conversations and actions that support our thoughts, dreams, emotions and words and fill our hearts with hope, pride and compassion!  If our neighbor doesn’t know how to fish – then PATIENTLY teach him – this will help him find his way back to independence. Yes, it’s easier if he wants to – however with love and patience he will learn, he just needs to be supported. Everything is connected to everything else – the web of life.  Everything we do, say, think and believe affects others and the universe around us. For those who might be opportunists, STOP trying to make a buck off of someone’s hardship or take, take, take until the well is dry. “We reap what we sow.”  “What goes around comes around.” Think of how it would be to walk in someone else shoes.  And live by the Golden Rule (which is pure of heart); “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”   Just be more generous, kind and compassionate – it’ll magnify the return to you… that’s one of the Universal Laws – I did not make it up!  Planting Blessings, Growing Love & Harvesting Peace ~ Adora Belle Crystal

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