Shamanic Studies – Medicine for the Earth

by debee007

Shamanic Studies – Medicine for the Earth Transforms Lives – a 3 day course with Jan Lucier, Linda Dean-Farrar & Judy Dunaway.

Come join us as we partner with our own helping spirits and with the web of life; deepen our relationship to the elements; work with spiritual light; and discover techniques for individual, community, and planetary healing. This course is designed to deepen our understanding of the shamanic perspective of illness and of divination practices.  Shamanic journeying experience required, please let facilitators know if you need instruction.  

Medicine for the Earth is grounded in the rich body of work and teachings of Sandra Ingerman.  From our perspective, it is based on the premise that we are each spirit in human form and that we are nature beings, one with nature; as Sandra says, ‘we ARE nature, not just part of nature’ – and in understanding this lies the mystery, the magic, and the miracles that were once a part of all cultures and traditions.

Medicine for the Earth brings us to greater wholeness by helping us embrace our spiritual-self and our humanness; and connects us at two levels: the individual and the communal.

In this course we will work with directly the elements  –  water, earth, air, fire – to improve the wellbeing of ourselves, our communities, and the environment – local and global.

We will look at how we can, as individuals, accept and work with our thoughts and emotions, to release them and transmute toxic energy behind them to love and light rather than sending anger and hurt out into the world; we will explore how we can come together in community to support and strengthen the web of life.

This will be accomplished through individual and group journeys, communion with the elements, ceremonies, and joyful exchanges of love and wisdom.


Pre-register $25 non-refundable deposit required.

Pre-requisite – must have Shamanic or journeying experience! Inquire for more details.