Wisdom of Astrology

by debee007

with Deborah Chase.

Find out how the Astrology Chart which is often referred to as the blue print of ones life has been used with accuracy for thousands of years. It is truly a unique tool to predict an individual’s present & future.  Astrology charts by appt. only.  Cost $133/ hr.

by appointment!

Deborah Chase has been an astrologer for the past 38 years. She has studied with the late Lon Ritchie of New York, World renowned Alan Oken author of Soul Centered Astrology and Rulers of the Horoscope, Albert Clayton Gaulden, Founder and Director of The Sedona Intensive and just recently has studied with Celebrity Astrologer David Palmer “The Leo King”.  She has worked with several medium/psychics such as Cheri Mancuso of California and Jessica Costello of Massachusetts. Currently she resides in Springfield, MA, has two wonderful children and a beautiful granddaughter “Finley Adele”.   She is lover of animals and music.

When she was young she spent several weeks in the hospital with pneumonia, pleurisy and tuberculosis. After that time of isolation she instinctively knew that the answers she was looking for lied in the unseen rather than the seen. With that she set out on a journey to investigate the Science of Astrology and fell in love with the freedom it gave her.  Ms. Chase continues to investigate the signs and wonders of Astrology and its profound symbolism.  Hoping to shed light to those who seek an understanding of one’s soul.