The Power of Ritual

by debee007

Upcoming Classes with Brenda Edwards from Quantum Life Management Center.

The Power Of Ritual ~ Saturday, May 27th from 1-3 PM ~ Cost $50. Must Register!
Ritual is a way of bringing the sacred into the mundane. Learn the importance of doing daily practices using body, mind and voice to cultivate a better relationship with the Divine Feminine.
You will learn:
The importance of ritual.
The Act of simple rituals.
The power of invocation.
How to awaken the energies.
The magic of holding space.
How to perform a love ritual. ( whether you want to enhance love, or find it. )
Each participant should bring a sacred item representing love and a notebook and pen.
Each person will receive a handout with a few simple rituals.

Shifting Into The 5th Dimension & Beyond ~ June 10th from 5-7 PM~ Cost $50 Must Register!
As Mother Earth has made her transition into the 5th Dimension, we to have to make the shift. Many are finding it challenging in different ways, experiencing a wide-range of things happening inside their bodies on all levels. Learn what is happening and what we can do to navigate through these waters of density in an easier way. Class includes learning a quantum vortex meditation to assist us.

An Introduction To The Human Design System & How It Can Benefit You ~ Saturday, July 15th from 1-3 PM ~ This class is FREE however Pre-Registration is Required!
Human Design is like a genetic matrix based on several ancient systems; astrology, the I Ching, chakras, and the Kabbalah. It shows us that we all have a unique design and a specific purpose to fulfill. It represents a map of human consciousness. A chart is drawn up from your birth data and gives us a genetic map, a blueprint for your life journey. Learn how you can get a chart done and what it will reveal.