Chakra Dance

by debee007

Chakra Dance  Move over Zumba there’s a NEW Chakra Dance in town! A unique take on dance using Instrumental Modern Pop Music combined very tastefully with a mix of Ballet, Jazz, Modern & African Dance addressing specific Isolations & Breath focused into the Chakras. No experience necessary!

So many of us live our lives in our heads. Charaka Dance allows us a chance to bring our attention back to our bodies by helping us reconnect our Body/ Mind connection. During Charaka Dance we will also release blockages in our Seven Major Charka Systems by grounding, centering, focusing on Breath, movement and bringing POSITIVE ENERGY back to our bodies so we can more easily promote self love, and healing. Julie has designed this program being mindful of the Beginner as well as one with no dance experience. This class will eventually lead into an Intermediate class and onto the advanced level of Chakra Dance.

Chakra Dance* TBA  Limited Space – Registration Recommended!