Soul Realignment® Akashic Records Reading

by debee007

Soul Realignment® and Akashic Records wisdom for soul-level healing with Kim Watts.

Kim watts is a Certified Soul Realignment® Practitioner Psychic Medium, spiritual counselor and teacher. Are you ready to access the wealth of wisdom that lies just beyond the edge of your consciousness? If you are here you are deeply invested in your spiritual development and growth. At the same time, you may feel as if there’s important information missing from your life…

What is a Soul Realignment® ?

A Soul Realignment® is a highly specific healing process where your Akashic Records are accessed by Certified Soul Realignment® Practitioner. This is a in depth modality that can assist us in accessing the Souls past, present and, future, and identify negative blocks and restrictions in the present.  The Akashic Records is an amazing resource that allow us to manifest exactly the human experience we want for ourselves – in very real, practical ways.

What are the Akashic Records? – Akashic Records is where all souls’ Records are stored.  Akashic Records are the energetic Data base every souls every deed, word, feeling, thought, and intent that has ever occurred at any time in the history of the world including; past lives, the present lives, and possible future lives. They have a tremendous influence our everyday lives ~ like relationships, our feelings and belief systems, and the potential realities depending on our choices we make.

 A Soul Realignment® Session- We focus on aligning you fully with who you are at Soul-level and your Soul purpose. (True self)  We help you understand what your Divine Gifts are, the choices that will create abundance for you. We also uncover specifically what patterns of choice are creating your past and current experiences. We identify and remove energetic blocks and restrictions to assist you in aligning with your highest path and purpose. We give you the keys and open the door to the wisdom in your soul.

Blocks and restrictions-Through accessing the Akashic Records, we can accurately determine  our present-life circumstances through our past choices. We also learn that we are powerful creators of our own experiences, through our choices past life and in your present life, each choice, whether positive or negative, has a consequence. Whenever we react out of guilt, obligation, blame, shame or fear, we create negativity. This can affect us for years or even lifetimes. The negativity that you encountered lifetimes ago result in blocks and restrictions that can be limiting you now.

You may benefit from a Soul Realignment® Session if you have been experiencing struggles like:

  • You can’t move forward, it seems there is an invisible wall between you and the life you desire. No matter what you do or, healing modality you used you cannot shift or change it.
  • You have difficulties with money, abundance, relationships, health, family, you often feel dis-empowered.
  • Creating change is very difficult. You experience uncertainty, fear, doubt and, self repeating patterns. You just keep spinning your wheels.
  • You are spiritually connected but often let others stray you off your path. You don’t know what your purpose is, everything you try, and you think you are unsuccessful. Or you are not happy.
  • Life sometimes feels unmanageable; you don’t feel like you belong here or fit in?
  • Everything you do is difficult and feels out of reach. Simple things are difficult and complicated.

Soul Realignment® Akashic Records Reading is set apart from others because you will:

You will learn your soul’s nature and purpose discover exactly how the Soul shapes its human experience. Effectively create and experience the life you want or could ever wish for by learning about  your souls  Divine Gifts and training.  Soul Realignment™ goes beyond “just” reading the Akashic Records. It is a path to spiritual evolution. Soul Realignment™ uncovers the root cause as to why we become stuck, the persistent negative emotions behavior and, thought patterns. You will discover why we are attracting the experiences we are having. You will gain real insight and meaningful explanations for many of  our present life experiences. Learn how to effectively and permanently realign these negative influences to create amazing shifts and changes and Transform your life! Bring a new level of depth and effectiveness to any existing healing work you may currently be doing. Soul Realignment™ combines beautifully with other energy healing modalities. You will receive healing for the customized clearing homework to help to fully integrate your Reading /clearing to help accelerate healing. This is homework that is in to assist in consciously integrating new energy patterns into your physical bodies. This benefit will help so you can consciously participate in your own healing and clearing. The energetic clearing work is one of the most powerful parts of the of the Soul Realignment®.

The following is a list of services being offered with Kim Watts by appointment only:

60 Minute Reading                                                       $100.00

45 Minute Reading / 15 Minute Healing                  $100.00

60 Minute Reading / 30 Minute Healing                $150.00

120 Minute Reading                                                     $200.00