Learn How to Intuitively Read Tarot Course

by debee007

Intuitive Tarot Reading Course with Sharon D’Angelo

Saturdays, 2:00-4:00 pm     

6 week series, starting Saturday, February 16th  Cost for series is $250.00

Series Dates: 2/16/192/23/19,  3/2/193/9/19,  3/16/19  3/23/19

* Learn how to interpret the cards without memorizing the books

* Get to know the Court Cards – in your own unique way

* Move through all of the cards together in a group setting

* Learn how interpreting reversed cards can add a whole new layer to your readings

* Learn how to understand and interpret several different spreads & card layouts

* See how the cards can help you on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Sharon has been reading Tarot and Oracle Cards since 1990.  She has trained and studied with many professional readers, and has been working here at the center, as a psychic/Medium, as well as an intuitive Tarot Reader.

Sharon’s reading style is less predictive, more getting to the heart of the matter and using the tarot to help us with our challenges, being prepared to recognize and reach for opportunities and see what we can change to manifest positive life choices. 

Call the Abundant Wellness Center to Register

(413) 592-2828

** Recommend using the Standard or Radiant Rider Waite deck, available for purchase at the Abundant Wellness Center **