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Positive Affirmations to help you wherever you are on your healing journey

Positive Affirmations to help you wherever you are on your healing journey!

I am filled with complete wellness
I am a vibrant being and my body radiates vitality
The temple of my body is strong, powerful and well
I welcome nourishing wellness with every breath
Every cell in my body radiates vitality, health and wellness
My body knows the path to heal itself

I get stronger and healthier every day
Each day I nourish my mind, body, heart and soul
I believe in my ability to heal

I welcome healing into my body

I am constantly regenerating
My body quickly and easily heals itself
I am open to balance and wellness
I am grateful for the temple of my body
I am complete
I am filled with peace
I am filled with eternal love
I am healthy, happy and whole
I am blessed, I am loved, I am safe

~ Ara

Benefit for 5 year old Adriel Morris

Save the Date:

Sunday, June 12th from 10:30am – 4:30pm


Abundant Wellness Center, 94 Chicopee Street, Chicopee, MA 01013 

… for a Community Fundraising Event – this “Gathering for Adriel Morris“ is for the Benefit of Adriel’s Healthcare.  Adriel, grandson to local Artist Roland Gregoire, is just 5 years old and has already experienced so many life challenges due to the complications of Cystic Fibrosis. His life is interrupted daily with a regiment of protocols needed to support his lung function, let’s gather to send healing and relief. This is a family friendly event where art, healing and music will unite. Please let’s help sweet little Adriel celebrate the joys of a happy childhood – proceeds to benefit Adriel’s well-being.

Monetary donations accepted however do NOT make any payments to the Abundant Wellness Center.  Roland Gregoire is hosting this benefit for his grandson.

“When A Healer Needs Love, Support and Healing”

AWC Community Benefit for Kathi Munson, Reiki Master Teacher, Psychic Medium & Animal Communicator.

On December 14th, Kathi had minor surgery that had major complications and she is in critical condition and may not be able to work for some time.

The Abundant Wellness Center community is pooling together and creating a benefit for Kathi Munson and her familyAnd we need your help!

We’re planning a few events @ AWC:

1) An Evening of Messages (with a special guest – TBA) will be on Saturday, January 23rd from 7-9 PM cost is $40.  People can call the Abundant Wellness Center @ (413) 592-2828 to register for An Evening of Messages on January 23rd any time before the event.

2) AWC Community Benefit – a day of healing services and silent auction items (gift certificates, crafts, etc.) to be offered with all proceeds going to Kathi Munson and her family.  So save this date: Sunday, January 24th from 10:30 AM – 4:00 PM.

Kathi has been ‘there’ for so many folks, helping with their healing and life changing journeys. So many of you have asked; ‘How can I help?’ Let’s ‘pay it forward’ and help Kathi in a big way by attending either or both of these terrific events!  We are working on a list of items for the silent auction which folks will be able to start bidding on before January 24th as well as a list of all the services being offered for that day – all proceeds go to Kathi and her family. Any and all donations gratefully accepted including food and auction items. Sorry no credit cards taken for this benefit – cash and checks only. Please make checks out to Dave Munson.

Clarity… We are looking for patrons – supporters of the services donated by the practitioners, colleagues of Kathi’s at AWC. I appreciate all the support but I just want to make sure you all understand that we need more patrons as we have enough folks working here. If anyone you know has gift items for the auction* that would be wonderful – better yet have them come to the Evening of Messages on the 23rd and have healing sessions on the 24th. *Auction items will be here at AWC – please stop by to bid on them beforehand. The final final bids will be Jan. 24th. Looking forward to seeing you the fundraising benefit events!

Here’s how you can help support Kathi via this benefit:
1) Bid on auction item(s).
2) Come to the Evening of Messages on Saturday, January 23rd.
3) Come to the day of healing sponsored by Abundant Wellness practitioners on Sunday, January 24th.

ALL proceeds go to Kathi Munson and her family!

Thanks so much for all the loving support!!!

Thank you for supporting Kathi and her family!  Please continue sending love, prayers, healing energy and reiki to Kathi and her family.