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Shamanic Healing Session

Shamanic Healing Session by appt. only! Almost all indigenous cultures had used direct hands on method of healing; using Shamanic Training and Shamanic experience – this session offers a unique form of healing for each individual. During a Shamanic Session, one can encounter sound healing with drumming, rattling, chanting, as well as stones, crystal, feathers, sacred waters, essences and energy shifts. Your practitioner will journey with you, holding you in sacred space at all times and lovingly guiding you throughout the session to help in your healing process.  All Shamanic Healing Sessions are unique to the person and what their needs are at that time.

Shamanic Session by appointment only. Cost ~ 1-hour $100; 1½-hour $150; 2-hours $200.

Shamanic Practitioners are:

  • Susan Lecuyer
  • Lisa Seder
  • Debee Boulanger

Shamanic Reiki with Extractions with Susan Lecuyer.

Dark or negative energies can enter into the Luminous Energy Field and fester inside the human body and soul causing spiritual, emotional and physical malaise.  Susan Lecuyer uses both Reiki and Shamanism to safely remove these attachments allowing one to feel free, whole and able to find happiness again.

Shamanic Reiki with Extractions   1-HOUR  Session ~ $100

Chakra Balancing and Illumination with Susan Lecuyer.  Feeling sluggish, tired, out-of-sorts, off balance and not grounded? Chakra Balancing and Illumination can help! This work will be done in the luminous energy field as well as the 7 chakras to restore balance , reestablish grounding and revitalize well-being.

½-HOUR Session ~ $40  Combined with a Reiki Session 1-HOUR ~ $75

Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression

Coming soon… Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression with Tanya Miller!  Hypnotherapy is a safe and natural way to help with weight loss; eliminate fears and phobias, stress and anxiety, insomnia, negative thoughts, gain confidence and self-esteem, reach goals, motivate, change habits, quit smoking and mange pain. Past life regression can help release any ties from the past that hold you back in this lifetime. 

(Intro Rate*) 1 – 1½-hour $85  ~  3 session package $225.  *These rates are available for a limited time only.  By appointment only.

Tanya will be offering group workshops in the future.

A Guided Meditation for Healing and Peace

A Guided Meditation for Healing and Peace with Kathi Munson.

Join Kathi in this Guided Meditation as she teaches us to quiet our minds for a moment. When we can begin to embrace the truth and wisdom of who we are it can help decrease stress, decrease anxiety, decrease pain, decrease tension and further help bring balance and peace to mind, body and spirit. When we come together as like-minded souls to send healing, love and light out to the world the volume of positive energy is limitless.

Sunday,  Dec. 11th  @ 6-8 pm ~ Cost $20

Teens Learn to Connect to Your Intuitive Self

with Psychic Medium Kathi Munson.

Journeying to Your Intuitive Self and Teens … Does your teenager have the ability to, feel, sense, and “know” things?  This class is for Teens 12-18 who would like to learn more about the many aspects of being psychic. Parents are welcome at any time.

Sundays – before “Journeying to Your Intuitive Self” class @ 3:30– 5 PM ~ Cost $10 .

Next dates:TBA 

*Join this study group at any time!

Guided Meditation

with Jonathon Bleau.

Come and take a tranquil journey with Jonathon. Meditation is good for the mind, body and spirit.

Firday, October 30th from 7-9pm. Cost $20.