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Create a Dragonfly Pendant

with Carol Clark.

The dragonfly carries the wisdom of transformation and adaptability in life and is connected to the symbolism of change and light. Join Carol to create your dragonfly pendant to symbolize what you would like to transform in your life.

Saturday, February 27th @ 11am – 1pm  Cost $30  (materials are included)

Beads n’ Reads and WildTree

with Carol Clark, Kathi & Dave Munson.

Join Jewelry Artist Carol Clark, Psychic Medium Kathi Munson and Dave Munson of WildTree for a new party experience!

Receive a 15 minute reading from Kathi and learn to make a beautiful necklace (great gift idea) with the ‘bead buffet’ by selecting your choice of beads and simply let the creativity begin.  Carol will be happy to guide you threw the process if need bead!  And at the same time you can enjoy WildTree tasting… eat, drink and be merry socializing while learning quick, easy, healthy meal preparations for people on the go!

Friday, November 13th from 7-9PM.   Cost is only $55.

Create your own Tree of Life Wisdom Circle

with Carol Clark of “Beads n’ Reads”.

Carol will teach the basic techniques to wire wrap gemstones to create a beautiful “Tree of Life” pendant.

Saturday, August 6th @ 1–3pm ~ Cost $30 (materials included) Pre-Register~ Space is Limited

Create your own “Tree of Life”

with Carol Clark of “Beads n’ Reads”.

Carol will teach the basic techniques to wire wrap gemstones to create a beautiful “Tree of Life” standing tree.

Saturday, June 6th from 11 AM – 1:00 PM ~ Cost $30 (materials included) Must Pre-Register

Wellness Awareness Day

~ hosted by Carol Clark.

This will be a day to learn exciting new ways to nourish ones’ whole “SELF“… and it’s FREE !.!

In addition to great speakers, there will be sessions like Readings, Reiki, Chair Massage, and Energy Work – available for a special rate.  PrE-ReGisTraTion  ReCoMMeNded!

so save the date:

Saturday, Sept. 17th from 11:00AM- 3:00PM                              

Abundant Wellness Center, 94 Chicopee St., Chicopee, MA  01013 Tel. (413) 592-2828


11:00am Welcoming Greeting by Host Carol Clark


3:30pm     Closing/Thank You by Carol Clark

Chair Massage ~ Akashic Record Readings by Melissa Dorman ~ Illumination sessions by Laura Hummel ~  Semei sessions by Betsy Mailler ~ Access Bars by DyAnn Suares available for a special price throughout Wellness Awareness Day.

Intro to Wire Wrapping

with Carol Clark.  Carol of “Let it be Wired” will teach basic techniques to wire wrap gemstones to create beautiful works of art and jewelry.  This class project is a Tree of Life pendant.

Saturday, August 6th from 1- 3 pm ~ Cost $30 (materials included*).  Must Pre-Register with Carol.

Carol also does custom order wire wrapping for her customers.  Stop by and see her work first hand – it might inspire your creativity!

10 years with AWC by Carol Clark

They say you learn something new every day, so in my 10 years here at Abundant Wellness I have learned a lot, both as an associate and a client. I have learned to appreciate the complexities of the human body with all of the intricate and delicate details and yet at the same time having the immense strength and ability to adapt. I have learned “wellness” is multi-layered and requires a total body approach, “Mind, Body & Spirit” for which AWC provides. I am probably most intrigued by energy work. If our “energy centers” or “chakras” are off, blocked or imbalanced it is going to affect us physically and emotionally. During my years here at AWC I have learned Reiki with Kathi Munson, have been amazed by Leigh Russell with his very unique style of Reflexology and have found the value of Acupuncture with Terry Tangredi. Rachel Ginther is also someone who never ceases to amaze me, my admiration for her focus in educating folks about detoxing therapies is beyond words. She is a wealth of information. I would encourage everyone to meet Rachel, detoxing is literally the first step in healing. Most of all I love to meet and talk to so many great people daily “our clients” whom I’ve also learned so many things. It is so wonderful to hear someone come through the door and say there is such great energy here. I am blessed to have been able to come through the doors for the past 10 years and am looking forward to the next 10+ years. So Thank you to all the talented, gifted, highly skilled practitioners of AWC, but above all Thanks to our clients who have included us in their wellness plan of life and a special Thanks to all who have encouraged and supported me in my passions and creativity of making jewelry.  Blessings ~ Carol Clark   find out more www.abundantwellness.net