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Body Groove Movement Dance

Join the World Groove Movement! Body Groove is a simple easy form of movement (dance) exercise that anyone can do. Most importantly, you do not need any dance experience to take this class. This fun free-style dance allows one to be creative in their movement – you can’t get it wrong! The instructor, Debee Boulanger will lead you throughout the class and you’ll simply create your own style… promise – it’ll be FUNtastic!!!

This class is for anyone who wants to find their groove, exercise without boredom, and bring some fun back into their lives! Join in on this enjoyable, simple, stress-free and relaxing class…limited space – must register for each class.

Classes will be every Wednesday Evening from 7:15 to 8:15 pm (unless announced otherwise)

For a limited time – this is a free intro class so you must register – no drop-ins please! There’s limited space – so when we’re full we’ll put your name on the cancellation/ wait list… don’t worry we’ll get you in!

Curious? Call 413-592-2828 for more info or to register

Shamanic Healing Session

Shamanic Healing Session by appt. only! Almost all indigenous cultures had used direct hands on method of healing; using Shamanic Training and Shamanic experience – this session offers a unique form of healing for each individual. During a Shamanic Session, one can encounter sound healing with drumming, rattling, chanting, as well as stones, crystal, feathers, sacred waters, essences and energy shifts. Your practitioner will journey with you, holding you in sacred space at all times and lovingly guiding you throughout the session to help in your healing process.  All Shamanic Healing Sessions are unique to the person and what their needs are at that time.

Shamanic Session by appointment only. Cost ~ 1-hour $100; 1½-hour $150; 2-hours $200.

Shamanic Practitioners are:

  • Susan Lecuyer
  • Lisa Seder
  • Debee Boulanger

Shamanic Reiki with Extractions with Susan Lecuyer.

Dark or negative energies can enter into the Luminous Energy Field and fester inside the human body and soul causing spiritual, emotional and physical malaise.  Susan Lecuyer uses both Reiki and Shamanism to safely remove these attachments allowing one to feel free, whole and able to find happiness again.

Shamanic Reiki with Extractions   1-HOUR  Session ~ $100

Chakra Balancing and Illumination with Susan Lecuyer.  Feeling sluggish, tired, out-of-sorts, off balance and not grounded? Chakra Balancing and Illumination can help! This work will be done in the luminous energy field as well as the 7 chakras to restore balance , reestablish grounding and revitalize well-being.

½-HOUR Session ~ $40  Combined with a Reiki Session 1-HOUR ~ $75

High Vibrational Blessing™

NEW ~ High Vibrational Blessing™ 

This High Vibrational Blessing™ was channeled by Debee Boulanger from Divine Source “The Divine” on 3/8/18 around 3pm. The Divine’s message filtered in loud and clear; “People just need more love and light in their hearts. People need more hope to raise their vibration to allow the High Vibrational Blessing of love & light to fill their hearts. The heart is like a vessel and it longs to be open and full. Think of the lotus flower… it is so incredibly beautiful – that is the heart. People have forgotten who they are – beautiful beings. We have created this particular High Vibrational Blessing to be clear and concise – easy to give and receive – potentially life changing.”

The Divine is expressing this attunement* through Debee. After you receive your ‘personal’ attunement and blessing from Debee – your own vibration will be raised. After you’re attuned you can pay the blessings forward – and share this blessing “freely” with as many people as possible. By freely sharing this blessing you will continue to raise your own, other peoples’ and the planet’s vibration. And send others to Debee at Abundant Wellness Center to receive their attunement so they can share the blessing w/others. Thank You!  Planting Abundant Blessings, Debee Boulanger/ High Vibrational Blessing © 2018

NOTE: *Future dates will be set up for this High Vibrational Blessing™ with Debee and the Divine and given at the Abundant Wellness Center, 94 Chicopee Street, Chicopee, MA 01013.  To find out more call Debee @ 413-592-2828.

visit: www.highvibrationalblessing.com

Learn to Make Your Own Blessed Holy Water on the Full Moon

Learn to Make Your Own Blessed Holy Water on the Full Moon with Debee Boulanger.

Use the power of your intention to bring spirit into your craft. This is a hands-on workshop. You will learn how to make an extract as well as the Holy Water. Most supplies, instructions and handouts will be included. You will be able to make one 4 oz. bottle on site and take another kit home to make a second one on your own. Kit includes 4 oz. bottle, label, pipette, small funnel, crystal & white sage. (Other supplies will be available for purchase if needed at a later date.)

NOTE: You will need to bring a quart size mason jar full of spring water (preferably from either rain or freshly fallen snow close to your home or a favorite pure sacred water source).  

Date: Full Moon – Friday, March 2nd * @ 7 – 9 PM must pre-register ~ Cost $77 or Pre-payment** by 2/25/18 only $69

*Note: Snow date will be on the Full Moon – Saturday, March 31st from 4-6 PM.  (**no refunds for pre-payment only credit)

Most clients know Debee Boulanger as being one of the many talented massage therapists here at the Abundant Wellness Center.  However, seeking the deep connection with nature she once had as a child, Debee started a journey of becoming a ‘steward of the earth’ in 2010. And with the completion of a three year training with the Green Mountain Druid Order in Vermont, Debee became a Druid in 2013.  The experience was profound and enlightening, which brought a new depth to her life practice. Debee is an avid gardener and believes we all have the ability to self-sustain however we need to have the desire to do so. Her goal is to inspire others to do the same. Debee believes that this is how our ancestors lived in harmony of with land and we need to return to that way of living to survive… out of the head and into the heart of the land.  She sends blessings by spreading the seeds of community, healing, joy, peace, love & compassion to all.  Blessed Be ~ Debee

AWC Benefits by Debee

AWC Benefits:

There are no gimmicks and no monthly commitments like withdrawing monies from your account here at the Abundant Wellness Center.  However we do have rewarding massage pre-book and referral incentives – at no extra cost to you just come in and save the day of your appointment!  We also love to honor your birthday during your birthday month but you need to let us know when it is… we usually have a coupon located at the bottom of our newsletter that’ll remind you of your massage birthday gift.  Plus some of the associates here like to offer ‘specials’ at various times of the year.  A few years ago we even started an affordable acupuncture clinic which has been a life saver for some folks who needed to come for treatments more frequently.  In behalf of all the associates of the Abundant Wellness Center, we express our appreciation for the opportunity to help the community – one client at a time. find out more www.abundantwellness.net

AWC Progress by Debee

AWC Progress:

What’s under the tarps? … is the big question of this past year!  Well funny you should ask – in 2010, Debee created the AWC Community Garden where she started growing organic fruits & vegetables to help feed our neighbors in need at Lorraine’s Soup Kitchen. Debee is in the process of expanding the garden and creating a perma-culture edible garden on the south side of the building with a variety of dwarf sized trees, shrubs, bushes and plants.  With the way things are going on our planet – Debee believes its best to get back to basics and start growing some of our own food.  It’s been a fun challenge for her from dealing with a few bad bugs and hungry groundHOGS that intrude on the garden’s bounty to the conditions of extreme weather changes that prevent her from digging in the dirt.  find out more www.abundantwellness.net

celebrating 10 years AWC History by Debee

AWC History:

Debee Boulanger is always looking for the best ways to help her clientele – so 10 years ago she founded the Abundant Wellness Center. The idea was born on the principle of ‘wellness is not one thing – it’s a combination of many things’.  It’s kind of like eating a variety of good wholesome foods to get the most nutrients out of your diet.  Debee also thinks of it this way – if you never gave your car an oil change or tune up it would stop working – so how about your body?  The idea of working with a group of talented practitioners came early on in her career when she recognized that some of her massage clients needed to do things like acupuncture, reiki, tai chi, yoga, and/or reflexology to further their healing process… so the Abundant Wellness Center was born on June 1, 2004. We started with five skilled associates in the very beginning and ten years later, we’ve grown to over twenty remarkable practitioners who work out of the Center.  find out more www.abundantwellness.net