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Monthly Detoxifying Sessions – not a substance abuse program

Ionic Footbath

Yuck! Better out than in!!!

MONTHLY – DETOXIFYING Sessions with Ionizing Foot Bath, Ear Coning & Far Infrared Sauna with Rachel Ginther. Every day we are exposed to about 50,000 chemicals from the environment resulting in hazardous heavy metals that get stored in our body. Try an inexpensive, simple, painless, soothing method that can aid in the detoxification process. NEW 2019 Dates* 1/9; 2/6; 3/13; 4/10; 5/8; 6/12; 7/10; 8/14; 9/11; 10/9; 11/13; 12/11 Thurs. 1/10; 2/7; 3/14; 4/11; 5/9; 6/13; 7/11; 8/15; 9/12; 10/10; 11/14; 12/12 (*dates are subject to change – please check our calendar) Cost~ 30-min. Foot Bath $40; 20-min. Sauna $10; 60-min. Ear Coning w/ mini lymph session $75; Galvanic $30; Kansa (intro rate) $40 ~ by appt. only!

Lymphatic Drainage Sessions with Rachel Ginther. This gentle technique can prevent or reduce fluid retention, enhance the removal of toxins from the body tissues, and promoting wellness by supporting the immune system. Private appt. availability w/ Rachel Ginther & Lisa Seder. 60-min. Cost $75.

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Galvanic Session Summer Skin Care Special*

~ Only $25 ~ take care of your skin – you’ll be happier!  Galvanic skin treatment has been in spas and salons for more than 50 years as customized treatments to refresh and energize the skin.  These treatments, through a gentle massaging action, help focus cellular energy and enhance circulation.

(Reg. $30 ~ Save $5)

*Cannot be combined with any other offer. Offer Expires: 8/31/15