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Distant Healing Clinic

with Leigh Russell.

Distant Healing sessions with Leigh that day and continued healing following the clinic (a.k.a. Remote Clearing). A healer doesn’t have to physically be in the same room or proximity to a client to be able to help them heal. So with focused intention and some training, a person can sense the presence of another person at a distance & positively influence the client’s energy field. Join Leigh on this sacred journey of healing.

Saturday, December 31st 6:30-8:00 pm ~ Cost $20.

Transformational Breath Workshop

with Leigh Russell.

Join Leigh for Transformational Breath®, a pattern of conscious breathing that is natural, safe and healthy and which can have many benefits including increased energy, better immune response and increased ability to deal with stress in a healthy way.

next class TBA

Space is extremely limited… so Pre-registration is recommended!

“This Breath Workshop with Leigh is indescribably exhilarating!” ~ Debee Boulanger

Learn Reflexology for Partners

with Leigh Russell.

Beginners level Foot Reflexology for partners and friends. Learn Reflexology – the application of pressure to specific reflex points in the feet or hands, which creates physical changes that can bring about balance, ease and enable healing energies.

Sunday,  February 28th @ 1 – 4 pm  ~ Cost $55 per person

Aura Reading Party and Social Event

with Leigh Russell.

Have you ever wondered what color your Aura is? Are you a budding Aura reader looking to practice? This event was created to bring together all of the students from the past Aura Reading Classes to give them a chance to meet each other and practice. The general public is invited. This is a potluck – feel free to bring a dish.

Thurs. Oct. 29th from 5 – 6:45pm ~ Cost $5 -$10 donation is asked for benefit of the local food pantries.

Storyless Method Long Distance Healing Clinic

with Leigh Russell.

Join Leigh along with his trainees of the Story-less Method Remote Clearing a.k.a. Distance Healing! Awaken the senses and feel the power of this unique energywork. The Story-Less Methods are a new method of remote energy work.

Thursday, Oct. 29th from 6:45 – 8:30 pm ~ 15 minute mini-session ~ Cost $15  

Learn to see Auras

with Leigh Russell.

You will learn not only to see auras of people in around you, but you will also see them from different perspectives, including the past, present, and future. This skill offers insight into the people you relate with. Daily practice of aura reading will open new insight into the personal and spiritual world around you, and will set you apart from your competition and forward you on your journey of personal growth.

Sunday, November 13th from 1:00 – 5:00pm ~ Cost $90.

Limited to 10 – must pre-register.