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Intuitive Psychic Medium Angel Oracle Tarot Readings

  • Intuitive Tarot Readings with Sharon D’Angelo by appt. only! Sharon is available for Tarot & Medium Readings. Rate: ½-hour $60 or 1-hour $90 by appt. only!
  • Readings with Kim Pearson. Kim is available for oracle, tarot or mediumship readings by appt. only! Rate: ½-hour $50 or 1-hour $80
  • Readings with Kathleen Farris. Kathleen is available for psychic mediumship, tarot & angel readings by appt. only! Rate: 1-hour reading $100.
  • In-Tu-It Art Readings with Lisa Seder. In-Tu-It Art is a very insightful intuitive reading expressed with art1-hour $70 by appt. only!
  • ‘Mediums at Large’ Medium Readings with Kathi Munson, Kim Watts or Gina Barry.  Private medium sessions are NOW available at the Abundant Wellness Center with any one of the three ‘Mediums at Large’. Rate: 1-hour Medium Reading ONLY ~ Cost $125by appointment only!

2 for 1 Reading Special with Chris Covert

2 for 1 Reading Special* with Chris Covert, Psychic Medium, Healer, and Spiritual Teacher.  ~ * two ½-hour readings with Chris for $70 = $35 per person back to back. Bring a buddy and have fun! OR ½-hour readings with Chris for $40. (reg. $50)

Chris provides readings through psychometry, picture reading, mediumistic, pendulum, or intuitive tarot/oracle and angel cards.

Note: each reading is private so you don’t have to be together during the reading of course unless you want to. (No other offer combined. Offer expires 2-28-18.)

NEW Readings with Chris Covert, Psychic Medium

Readings with “Chris” Christian M. Covert, Psychic Medium, Healer, and Spiritual Teacher.  

Chris Covert provides readings through psychometry, picture reading, mediumistic, pendulum, or intuitive tarot/oracle and angel cards.  He is also a Shaman & Reiki Practitioner. ~ 30-Minute Reading @ $60 ~ 60-Minute Reading or Shamanic Session @ $100 ~ 60-Minute Reiki @ $80

Chris is available by appointment only!  Call 413-592-2828 now to book your appointment!  

Psychic Medium Readings

with Kathleen Farris.

Kathleen Farris is an intuitive healer, and a Psychic Medium. Kathleen has studied different modalities of healing and spirit communication, and has mastered her own unique methods. Kathleen’s reading sessions help to clarify life paths and offer guidance to new paths. Through mediumship, Kathleen can also connect with your love ones on the other side with grace and intuitiveness.

Kathleen is available for Psychic Mediumship, Tarot & Angel Card Readings by appointment only~ 1/2 hour $50  or 1 hour $75.


Holiday Messages from Spirit

Presented by Mediums at Large ~ Kathi Munson, Kim Watts and Gina Barry are Psychic Mediums, who will be hosting this exciting event. They have trained together with nationally known mediums and have solidified their bond during spiritual journeys here and abroad.

These three gifted psychic mediums invite you to a demonstration of mediumship in a gallery setting. During gallery readings, they connect with loved ones in spirit, offering messages of peace, hope, love and healing.

Sunday, December 13th, 2015  from 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.  Cost ~ $40 pp*   (note: this event is held on a Sunday evening)

*Cash only Event Please.

Limited seating so reserve your seat today!!



Beads n’ Reads and WildTree

with Carol Clark, Kathi & Dave Munson.

Join Jewelry Artist Carol Clark, Psychic Medium Kathi Munson and Dave Munson of WildTree for a new party experience!

Receive a 15 minute reading from Kathi and learn to make a beautiful necklace (great gift idea) with the ‘bead buffet’ by selecting your choice of beads and simply let the creativity begin.  Carol will be happy to guide you threw the process if need bead!  And at the same time you can enjoy WildTree tasting… eat, drink and be merry socializing while learning quick, easy, healthy meal preparations for people on the go!

Friday, November 13th from 7-9PM.   Cost is only $55.

Wednesday Readings*

with Sharon only. *Most Wednesdays from 12- 6 PM ~ Cost 1/2- hour $60 or 1-hour $85.  Walk-ins available but appointments preferred!
Sharon D’Angelo is a Wiccan High Priestess and Intuitive Psychic-Medium.  Sharon utilizes a variety of Mediumship, Tarot and Oracle cards, based on the needs of her clients.  She uses a coaching style, making her readings very empowering.  Sharon has studied and worked with Tarot for over 20 years.  She works as a medium through her spirit guides to connect with others in the spirit world, always coming from a place of love and healing.
Sharon’s is also available nights & weekends by appointment.  Call now (413) 592-2828 to book your reading with Sharon.
Sharon also facilitates the Moon Group & Wicca Classes on Friday evenings.  (check our schedule for the next classes)

Communication by Invitation Gallery Readings

with Psychic Medium, Kathi Munson.

Do you want to hear from a loved one who has passed? Do you want to get information from/about your pet? Do you want to know about your path, a new love, or a past life?

Friday, July 31st from 7 – 8:30 pm  ~ Cost $30.   Pre-registration required ~ Space is limited to 13 people.

Wellness Awareness Day

~ hosted by Carol Clark.

This will be a day to learn exciting new ways to nourish ones’ whole “SELF“… and it’s FREE !.!

In addition to great speakers, there will be sessions like Readings, Reiki, Chair Massage, and Energy Work – available for a special rate.  PrE-ReGisTraTion  ReCoMMeNded!

so save the date:

Saturday, Sept. 17th from 11:00AM- 3:00PM                              

Abundant Wellness Center, 94 Chicopee St., Chicopee, MA  01013 Tel. (413) 592-2828


11:00am Welcoming Greeting by Host Carol Clark


3:30pm     Closing/Thank You by Carol Clark

Chair Massage ~ Akashic Record Readings by Melissa Dorman ~ Illumination sessions by Laura Hummel ~  Semei sessions by Betsy Mailler ~ Access Bars by DyAnn Suares available for a special price throughout Wellness Awareness Day.

Intuitive Readings with Sharon D’Angelo

Sharon is available for Tarot & Medium Readings most Wednesdays and by appt. only!

Cost ~  1/2 hr. $60  or 1 hr. $90

Psychic-Medium, Intuitive Tarot card reader, Reiki Master and High Priestess: Sharon is a talented psychic-medium, who works with a variety of Tarot and Oracle cards.   Her readings are very empowering, helping you see the heart of the matter at hand, as well as the choices you can make that work best for you.  Sharon has studied and worked with the Tarot for over 20 years.  She works as a medium through her spirit guides to connect with others in the spirit world, always coming from a place of love and healing.  She studied and trained as a medium in the Spiritualist community for many years.