Be the Change You Want…

by debee007

to see in the world…. (words of encouragement and appreciation)

“I recently had a friend send me an email about Zig Ziglar. Although I remember listening to one of his audio programs years ago, I haven’t again in at least 20 years. So, after receiving the email, I went to YouTube and watched a 9-minute video clip of his. In it, he tells the story of a person he met to offer advice before one of his speeches.

As he describes, Zig agreed to meet with this person, but only had 10 minutes to spare. The individual shared her problem quickly: She worked at a terrible company and didn’t know what to do. Zig recommended that she write down all the things that she liked about working for the company and she said she couldn’t think of anything. So he asked, ‘’Do they pay you to work at the company?” She replied “Yes.” He asked ”Do you like the money?” and again, she said “Yes, that is one good thing about the job.”

With Zig’s encouragement, the lady went on to list 20 things she liked about the job. When she was done, Zig instructed her to take each of the 20 things she had written about her current job that she liked, to look deeply into her own eyes in a mirror and say “I Love My Job Because….” before each statement. He encouraged her to do this a few times in the evening before she went to work the next day and to continue this process throughout the week. At the end of the week, he said to call him and let him know how things were going at work.

So she did her homework and after a week she said “This incredible thing happened at work!” Everyone was so amazing and the company changed so much that she now loved going to her job.

Now, many of you who are reading this know exactly what happened to this woman. By changing her own beliefs about her job, she changed herself and her own attitude—and that was the true difference in the story, but it is a wonderful reminder to us all.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

By changing your own thinking and beliefs, you can literally change those around you. If you are having troubles in your own life, first try changing your own thoughts and beliefs on the matter and see if that helps solve the problem before you expect change from anyone else around you.”

Reid Tracy
CEO, Hay House