AWC Progress by Debee

by debee007

AWC Progress:

What’s under the tarps? … is the big question of this past year!  Well funny you should ask – in 2010, Debee created the AWC Community Garden where she started growing organic fruits & vegetables to help feed our neighbors in need at Lorraine’s Soup Kitchen. Debee is in the process of expanding the garden and creating a perma-culture edible garden on the south side of the building with a variety of dwarf sized trees, shrubs, bushes and plants.  With the way things are going on our planet – Debee believes its best to get back to basics and start growing some of our own food.  It’s been a fun challenge for her from dealing with a few bad bugs and hungry groundHOGS that intrude on the garden’s bounty to the conditions of extreme weather changes that prevent her from digging in the dirt.  find out more