The Human Design System

by debee007

with Brenda Edwards from Quantum Life Management Center.

The Human Design System by appt. only. 
Human Design is like a genetic matrix based on several ancient systems; Astrology, the I Ching, Chakras, and the Kabbalah. It shows us that we all have a unique design and a specific purpose to fulfill. It represents a map of human consciousness. A chart is drawn up from your birth data and gives us a genetic map, a blueprint for your life journey.  Need birth date, birth time and birth place for an accurate reading.

This is a 2 session reading for $150 (total cost). Each session is 1 to 1-½ hours long.  You’ll get a personalized chart with detailed information and a audio tape of your readings from Brenda as she goes over your unique Human Design System with you.  By Appointment Only.